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Rustic Wedding DecorationsIdeas For Exquisite Rustic Wedding Decorations

Getting married in a farmhouse decor is something that can be very romantic. Anything in the countryside can make the perfect decor for a wedding party, from the golden hay bales to the trees, clearings and green pastures. There’s no wonder so many girls choose to get married in such decor. However, even though nature makes things perfect, brides to be still wish to find the perfect rustic wedding decorations to impress their guests and to create unforgettable moments. This article is going to give you a few ideas of rustic wedding decorations you can use for your own wedding party or pass on to a friend of yours who wishes to celebrate her big day in the middle of nature.

The best farmhouse decor is the one that suggests abundance. Think about the Harvest Day and imagine your wedding decor following that style. Pick fruits and vegetables in bright colors and mix them in order to create a beautiful combination. Yellow corn can look terrific nearby red onions, so you should consider decorating the ceremony room with garlands made from corn, onions and perhaps something green to make the entire decor even more dramatic.

Whitewashed wood planters are also great rustic wedding decorations. Take a bunch of them, fill them with fresh fruit and set them around the tables, nearby the room walls. If you want, you can buy smaller planters and use them as centerpieces on all tables. This idea works best if you have round tables. For long, rectangular tables, you’d better pick some round birch bark containers and fill them with fresh roses. White roses are a good choice, as they are going to match the bride’s dress. However, if you want more contrast, you can use a combination of white and red roses.

Rustic table number or name holders are also details that can make the whole atmosphere more idyllic. Choose wrought iron ones, as they can be found in very elegant shapes. Besides, you can offer them to your guests as favors. They can use them in their own homes, as photo stands. If possible, you should consider printing out photos from your ceremony and offer them to your guests once the party is over.

Floral lace square table overlays are perhaps the best in creating a rustic atmosphere. This kind of fabric has been used by our grandmothers in their country homes, so it still has a high sentimental value for many of us. Pick them in ivory color, as it is softer than pure white. Generally speaking, lace is perfect for this type of wedding party. Even the bridal dress can be made of lace. However, if you choose this type of dress, you should probably for plain table clothes, in order to avoid a too crowded decor.

Wooden tree slices can also help you in creating effective and inexpensive decor for your country style wedding. You can use them as centerpieces or even as plate holders. Make sure they look good and they don’t make the guests feel uncomfortable.

If you want a rustic glamour decor, you should consider bronze accessories such as candle holders and wedding ring dishes. Bronze can look very stylish in combination with blue flowers, so you should give this idea a thought when discussing the details with your flowers supplier.

You can obtain a rustic chic style by using paper in various forms and shapes. Make paper poms and hang them above the tables. Choose a thick paper with an elegant texture for creating the name tags. Combine a paper label with a metal key, write a romantic message and watch your guests shedding a tear when they see it.

For more ideas, just go out there, in the countryside, spend a few days on a farm and try to observe the things around you. Nature is the best possible decor, so you can always learn from it. Be ready to take notes whenever you see something you like. Brainstorm your ideas with your spouse to be or with your friends. If you have a wedding planner, you can brainstorm together, searching for the perfect elements to give that rustic yet stylish touch to your wedding.

What Makes Farmhouse Decor So Appealing To Homeowners?

The rustic farmhouse style is not one that seems to be going away anytime soon. In fact, even those homeowners that are admittedly advocates for a modern design like to infuse small doses of farmhouse decor in their homes to add a touch of history. There are dozens of magazines dedicated to providing decorating ideas for the farmhouse style and still more blogs that showcase some of the most innovative design trends that we’ll ever see.

What is it about farmhouse style decor that homeowners love so much? Why is it the most popular design choice for even modern enthusiasts?

Farmhouse Equals Character

Decor that has character is all the rage nowadays, but with good reason. Much of the decorating products that we can purchase in home improvement stores are imported from overseas and are produced with cheap manual labor. That means these products have no soul or creativity behind them.

No homeowners wants to go home from work to embrace a room full of cheap decor items that will end up breaking or cracking with little use. Farmhouse decor is either manufactured by local artisans or an actual authentic piece of history. With history surrounding an object, you get plenty of character.

Perfection Is Overrated

The problem with modern decor and brand new flooring are the responsibility and energy that comes with making sure that that everything is in perfect condition. We have bad news for you: you will never achieve perfection, not even if you live in a home that’s decorated like a museum. If you’ve ever freaked out because there’s a stain on your couch, a mark on your wall or a scratch on your flooring, perhaps it’s time to transfer to the farmhouse style of decorating.

Perfection is overrated and there’s no way that you can keep it up. However, the point of farmhouse decor is for it to look worn and aged to perfection, not dumpy or dilapidated, but warm and cozy.

It Has Withstood The Test Of Time

Modern furnishings and decor aren’t made with the same high quality of standards that they were made with in the last century. That means homeowners are slowly starting to recognize that purchasing new accents for their home simply means poorer quality and less time spent enjoying the pieces that they’ve acquired.

With an older piece, you can rest assured that if it has been around for at least 50 years, it will be around for much longer than that! Essentially, you’re not just getting history and character, but quality control that equals heirloom piece.

History Behind The Stuff

When you think of decorating your home, you’re undoubtedly just looking at the texture and the patina of the piece. But, if you’re really going to call yourself a farmhouse style enthusiast, you will need to embrace the history behind the things you acquire. There’s something truly inspiring and enchanting about touching a timeworn piece that has been around for nearly a century.

Many homeowners, even if they don’t know where a piece came from, enjoy making up stories about its potential past. You can just see the hard-working people that once made your favorite arm chair or rustic farmhouse table. It’s these people whose stories can be preserved when you save a bit of our history.

Farmhouse Decor Equals One-Of-A-Kind

Most decor you can buy is mass manufactured and you can bet that there will be dozens of other homeowners that will have the same decor in their homes. Farmhouse style accents are different in that they’re old, worn, loved and truly one-of-a-kind. Perhaps there were dozens of these items around a century or so ago, but not all will have aged the same way or have withstood the test of time.

Where To Get Farmhouse Accents

Instead of purchasing farmhouse style accents, we recommend that you go for the real thing. In fact, you’ll be shocked by how affordable and easy these types of decor are to acquire.

The Internet is a great place to start your search as there are many sellers that regularly attend estate sales to bring you such items. Offline, try thrift and charity shops, garage sales, estate auctions, antique malls, and flea markets in your locality.

Rustic Decor.

When decorating your home or cabin, there are many design styles to choose from. Rustic is one of the most unique and creative design styles. Rustic decor can decorate your bathroom, living room, dining room, or your bedroom. It comes in different themes including the romantic Victorian theme and a country or colonial theme.

The country rustic decor has simple and clean themes. The room can be dressed with items like folk art paintings, earthenware pottery, handmade quilts and table cloths. The more extreme decorator prefers the conversation piece like antlers or stuffed moose head.

The Victorian rustic decor theme is more romantic. The room is dressed with wicker baskets and ruffled or flounced curtains, beddings and tablecloths. Try to think of delicate flower springed curtains in the kitchen or a embroidered white bedding on a wooden bed having dark frames.

One of the main aspects of rustic theme is to make sure that you include as many natural materials as possible. You can have functional items like wicker baskets and wooden blinds or decorative items like spray of twigs in a vase or dried flower center piece.

Because there are many rustic beds to choose from, the bedroom is one of the easiest places to start your decor. You can find simple designs, elaborate designs and woodsy designs. Make sure you look for a bed that fits into your room comfortably. Avoid looking for a bed that is too large or too small for your bedroom.

After choosing your log bed, make sure you your bedroom match the rustic furniture. It is wise to look for something that will complement the style and size for your bed. Rustic decor like fun wilderness lamp and other rustic decor will help the bedroom furniture. A nice rustic picture is a very great way to set the theme for your bedroom.

After decorating your bedroom, it is now item to go to the dining room. There are different types of rustic dining chairs, dining room furniture and dining tables to choose from. The pine log furniture design is for those who want simple design. If you are looking for a more rustic yet stylish design choose the rustic hickory furniture.

There are many accessory items you can use for your dining room. There are mats that will match your dinnerware and some table runners to make your dining room fantastic. Your pattern should not repeat more often and it should also not have more solid colors. This will make your kitchen so cluttered making it look so busy all the time.

To decorate your kitchen and dining room, you can find many rustic designs to choose from including kitchen towels, rustic decor dressings and knickknacks. You can also use rustic designs to decorate your family or living room. If you have a fireplace, it is a good idea to consider looking for a log mantle which will add that woodsy feel.

You can do this by buying a rustic style couch or a log futon set having a rustic futon. It is wise to look for very simple patterns when decorating your living or family room. It may also be a good idea to look for bold and solid color fabrics. The simple or solid fabrics create a more relaxed and casual forum environment for your living room.

The bathroom is the last room to decorate with rustic decor. Many people may assume that the bathroom is very tiny and rustic decor items may not be necessary or even available. The first thing to look for is rustic log bathroom vanity made from wood and trimmed with wood logs which give it a more rustic look.

The vanities can also be built sung a solid wood top to give a more unique character. A clear liquid glass finish is used to give the wood vanity top more strength and durability. After finishing with the rustic vanity, look for rustic soap dispensers, shower curtains, rustic pictures and rustic towels.

It is fun to work with rustic decor. The good news is that you can even make some of the rustic items all by yourself. Get the materials in the local craft store or you can find them in the woods. Rustic decor provides endless possibilities that just need creativity. Rustic decor is homely and simple and can make you feel relaxed at home.